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  My 2nd Garden (Avg Rating: 6.6 in 10 votes)   California, USA
DescriptionAfter hours of online and literary research I decided to go ahead and begin my own operation. With asperations of a much larger garden in the future, this first step was vital to later success. I was able to begin a joint garden with 2 friends at another persons house, a few errors have lead to huge changes in that garden the clones from my bedroom garden wil replace the struggling plants we originally planted. Living in a rather small two bedroom with a roomate forced me to section off my bedroom an use a 5 by 10 foot space for my official 2nd garden. Panda film or "poly" (one side white for reflecting and one side black to block light) was drapped in the bedroom by stappling it to the wall and ceiling. Clones and master kush (recovering) are in the sliding closet. I have a 1000 watt MH...then HPS light w/ switchable balast, cylinder light enclosure with a reflector, a 6" "fan and a can" combo ducting air from the room through the light fixture and out the window via a window enclosure, 2 4'x2' ebb and flow trays, 25 gallon resivoir, 260 gph water pump, Air pump with large air stone, one oscillating air filter, stationry 24" fan, cloning tray and dome, heating pad, flourescent lights for clones, one plant in soil and 7 plants in ebb and flow.
# Plants8
StrainsMaster Kush, Hindu Kush, Super Kush, G-13, Juicyfruit
Lights1000W MH (veg) and HPS (bloom)
Medium7 plants in hydrocorn, 1 in soil
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Top view (day one of flowering) after 23 days of vegetative growth, flowering is initiated with change in light schedule and nutrients. 04/11/06
Eye Level View 1st day of flowering 04/11/06
1000W light in cylinder encosure ducting carries air from 6" inline fan through light enclosure to window enclosure and out of the room 04/11/06
6" inline fan and carbon filter pumps clean fresh air through light enclosure and out of the window, 1000W switchable ballast 04/11/06
back view 1st day of flowering, view from back 04/11/06
Outside View of growroom Panda film was draped in a 5'x10' configuration, creating a "light tight" enclosure. 04/13/06
Males taken out 3 out of 11 were male. stressful conditions in the 2nd and 3rd week could have caused these female clones to turn male. 04/13/06
Juicyfruit 4-10 bigger of the two juicyfruit strain plants...12 days of flowering...5 points of new growth at similar height. 04/13/06
Juicyfruit 4-10 with flash same plant with flash 04/13/06
Juicyfruit 4-10 up close nice bud site of bigger juicyfruit plant. 04/13/06

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