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  D@Nee's Indoor Northern Light / Big Bud 125MH/600HPS (Avg Rating: 7.9 in 17 votes)   France
Descriptionwell it's a littel indoor garden sommewhere in France, with a 125W/MH and a 300M3/H extractor for the growing part(we call it ccr as "caisson croissance" in french)... (excuse my english, there maybe somme words used in a bad way....) and a 600W/HPS and a 680M3/H extractor with a little ventilator for the flowering part(cfl as "caisson floraison").... The ccr is 1M2 and the cfl is 2.50M2. Both of them with mylar on the walls....
# Plants17
StrainsNorthern Light, Big Bud
Lights125W Metal Hallide and 600W HPS
Yielddon't know...yet...;)
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the little ones Look at them... are they nice??? 03/28/06
grow up little ones after few days.... 03/28/06
2 1/2 weeks latter ok the big ones are the Northenr Light 03/28/06
little Big Bud 03/28/06
next level here there are in flowering...(not sure about the word "flowering") they go to 12/12h of light 03/28/06
first clones clones of NL 03/28/06
more clones clones of big bud in water with a bubbler to over oxygenate the water for roots to appear 03/28/06
bubbler system the bubbler 03/28/06
Atack of the clones.... first roots of the NL 03/28/06
little top for bubbler system i've put a top for the clones to keep the max of moisture 03/28/06

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