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DescriptionIt actually took me a while to get started on my first grow. For some reason the seeds I was given weren't working for me. So, I had to wait a while for the seeds to pop. When they did I put the newly popped seeds under a 4' aqaurium light. Later, I added two 2' other aquarium lights. I also added a 500W heating light. They were all started in my closet. Once they got a little bigger I put them outside for them to grow under the beautiful sun.
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MediumMiracle Grow
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Plant 1 This plant is roughly 27 days old and I think is doing pretty good. Is it growing just find or slow?? It is about 9 1/2" tall 03/27/06
Plant 1 This is the top view of the plant at 27 days old. 03/27/06
Plant 1 This is a picture of the red stems and yellow bottom leaves of the plant. I just clipped the two bottom single leaves. I have no idea what is causes this. Can anyone help me with this problem? 03/27/06
Plant 2 This is the second plant that sprouted out of the soil. It is actually growing pretty slow for its age. But, I guess it hasnt established its strong root system yet. It is about 19 days old. 03/27/06
Plant 2 This is a top view of the plant. 03/27/06
Plant 3 This is a top view of the plant. 03/27/06
Plant 3 This one is kind of deformed. I dont know what caused it to be deformed, but it also seems to be growing slowly as well. This plant is a little younger than Plant 2. I think it is about 17 days old. 03/27/06

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