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DescriptionThis is just my first time growing on a relatively small budget, hopefully all goes well :) So far it consists of 2 plants, unknown strain from a bag that was decent (nothing amazing). So far they are growing in soil (soil/compost mix) but i am strongly considering setting up a bubbler to transplate them into once they are stronger.
# Plants2
Strainsbag seed
Lights4x2ft 40 watt gro-lux flouro
Mediumsoil/compost mix
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Setup1-23-2002 here's a shot of the overall setup, the plants are on an old music stand and the bowl of water is to help with humidity. The seedlings have been up for about 4-7 days now and just today have i had them under the four 2 foot 40 watt gro-lux lights. 01/23/02
PlantUno1-23-2002 Plant numero uno :) it has had a rough time, the inner seed coating trapped the water leaves, i wasn't aware of this until an experienced friend pointed it out and i quickly removed it and am nursing it back to health, wish it luck! 01/23/02
PlantDos1-23-2002 This is plant numero dos, it came up a couple days later than numero uno, however it was able to split it's water leaves sucessfully and is the better of the two currently, he has a strong little stem and you can see he is growing his second set of leaves, one of the leaves is just about to the size of the original water leaves however it is hard to see in the picture. 01/23/02

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