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  organic indoor under 1000-2000w (Avg Rating: 6.7 in 15 votes)   Aus
Descriptionmy cuttings are mainly sativa X skunk as i like the harvest weight from sativa, but the high from skunk. the cuttings go in my clone cupboard (36-108 watt of flouroesent) until they are a bout 6 weeks old then moved to the big room where they grow for another 2-4 weeks or until they almost fill the room. while growing they are under 1000w high pressure sodium, and when they are ready to flower i turn on another 1000w H.P.S. I grow in "osmocote" potting mix with a little perlite. the intake is a open window in the room, and exhaust is 2x 250mm exhaust fans. I fertalise with "nitrosol" once a week during veg and the same with flowering, but with a little added potassium phosphate.
# Plants7
Strains1 clone from friend, and 1 bagseed
Lights2x 1000 H.P.S 1 on a light mover
Mediumpotting mix and perlite
Yield32-48 oz/ 3 month cycle
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grow area just setting up the grow area 03/24/06
plants added a pic of the grow area with plants added. the wall are lined with "emergency blankets" found at any camping store. very cheap and almost 100 % reflective! 03/24/06
the room pic of my cloning/small plant cupboard on the left.extraction fan drapes over the light to get rid of unwanted can see the other 1000w at the top of the photo which will be fired up when these girls are ready to flower. these girls will fill the whole room! 03/24/06
finished the reflective walls all in place, cloning cupboard open. 03/24/06
2 weeks since under 1000w 04/05/06
plant after 2 weeks from cloning 04/05/06
nice skunk clone after 2 weeks 04/05/06
nice skunk clone after 2 weeks 04/05/06
plant before they got tied down 04/21/06
the rest of the room 04/21/06

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