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DescriptionMother plants to be cloned for next years outdoor grow op. 40w total, three compact fluorecents. One seed was a strong indica from last year, and the other is the lone seed my buddy pulled from a bag of killer weed. This one Im trying to clone. Had one other but it turned out to be male. The other two have yet to show there sex. I figured when I started that out of three seeds one would be female. There two months old, and in 5in pots. The hole setup is contained in a milk crate in my room. This is low budget growing to the extreme. Im trying to get as many growth points as posible. Then come April Im cloning them all. I think Im going to need a bigger box soon. Once I find out which one is female Im planting it in a 5 gallon pot. I still have four months until I can clone. them. I have another garden from a while back its called SSkunk/MMite of May 04 I hope to get the pics from this past season on here as well.
# Plants9
Strainsindica & hybrid (guessing)
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hybrid clone Two days old, yet to have rooted. Im keeping my fingers crossed. 12/28/05
Hybrid This is the lone seed pulled from a bag of killer weed. So far it has 28 growth points 12/28/05
Grow Box 45W @ 20/4hrs 12/28/05
Indica This one I call Little Big Plant. So far it has 36 growth points. Its been two months and I still have four to go. I should get many clones out of this one, providing its female. 12/28/05
Grow Box Its made from a milk crate, shoe box, and a white plastic sign. Im a student what do u expect. 01/08/06
Box Shot -Jan 8 Iv done some remodeling 01/08/06
Its a jungle in there Laddy bug chillin on a leaf 01/08/06
Hybrid -Jan 8 01/08/06
Little Big Plant -Jan 8 Both are starting to show there sex. These are the two left from the three I started, the other was a male. Odds are one of these will be female. I hope 01/08/06
My Sanctuary Home is where the Bong is. 01/08/06

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