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  The White Widow Project (Avg Rating: 6.9 in 40 votes)   Southern, CA
DescriptionI purchased ten White Widow seeds. The seeds came to my home in ten days. This is my fourth garden. This time I'm growing indoors. I'm using GH Maxi series nutrients for growth and Kool bloom for blooming. I'm using a 400W ballast. I purchased 1 400W MH bulb for the growth stage and 1 400w HPS bulb for the blooming stage. The space is 4x2.5x6.5ft. Please vote if you dig my effort.
# Plants5
StrainsWhite Widow and Personal Strain.
Lights400W MH/HPS
YieldMy little secret.
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Package from the Netherlands. This package contained the White Widow seeds. 12/04/05
Personal Indica Buds This was some great shit. 12/04/05
White Widow in the tanks. Be very careful not to everfeed. White Widow likes a very mild hydro solution. I killed three seeds before I figured it out. 12/04/05
Personal Indica These are my own strain of Indica grown from bagseed. 12/04/05
Inside the box. My indoor Garden. 12/06/05
December 10th I am amazed at the difference the light is making. They are growing very fast. 12/10/05
Dec 17 They are really growing fast in here. I added CO2 to the set up using a mixture of yeast and sugar. The plant sitting on top of the fan was geminated at the same time as the other plants in soil, however it was left outside. What a difference! The plants in the Hydo got a little burned, but otherwise we are looking good. 12/17/05
Dec 26th Looking pretty good. 12/26/05
Dec 30 I can't believe how fast they are growing! 12/30/05
Dec 31 You can actually see the growth difference from one day to the next. 12/31/05

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