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DescriptionI got these beans from Badlands and promised him a detailed grow/smoke report. This garden is dedicated to his generosity. Thanks bro!!! Out of the 10, 5 of them are female. 3 of the females were pollinated for seed stock / sharing & the other 2 were kept for sensi.... One of the pollenated females died quickly, & for unknown reasons.
# Plants10
StrainsLR x AK
Lights400W MH
MediumSoil, perlite, natural compost
YieldGoing for beans mostly
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all lined up 1 week from start. New seedlings, finally out of their shell. 12/02/05
side view 1 week from start. New seedlings, finally out of their shell. 12/02/05
First This one is in the lead... the strongest 12/02/05
second This one is following in 2nd place 12/02/05
Runt This one is in dead last place... finally shucked it's bean, but hasn't opened up yet... 12/02/05
Transplant Day Old lady wanted the bathtub back...Had to move 'em 12/07/05
Day 12 Day 12 from starting in paper towel. 12/07/05
Day 21 Group shot All 10 @ day 21 from going into the paper towel. 12/15/05
Day21 a Single shot of the one that has been the leader of the pack the entire time 12/15/05
Day21 b Still in 2nd place 12/15/05

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