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  GrowGuide Success (Avg Rating: 7.5 in 138 votes)   California, USA
DescriptionMy first shot at a garden using the GrowKind Grow Guide and a few other information sources. This is a closet garden with a flowering chamber and a mother/clone chamber.
# Plants5
StrainsBig Blue, White Lightning, Blue Berry
Lights1x600W HPS
MediumSoil and Hydrocorn
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Colas Nice set of colas in the first harvest. This is an unkown strain that is turning purple. 12/30/01
Hepa Filter This hepa filter helps prevent mold. 12/30/01
Guide Printed Grow Guide with some needed tools it recommends. 12/30/01
Floor Vent This vent goes under the house providing cool air from outside. 12/30/01
Light Vent This vent connects to the light and vents into the attic removing much of the heat from the room. 12/30/01
Ions This ion generator helps remove odor from the air. 12/30/01
Meters Humidity and temperature meters. 12/30/01
CO2 Tank Co2 tank with regulator provides constant CO2. 12/30/01
GardenView In this view you can see the garden and the tubes providing the CO2. 12/30/01
CloneVent This vent allows the clone chamber and mom chamber to share fresh air. 12/30/01

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