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  One Female (Avg Rating: 4.9 in 12 votes)   Massachusetts
DescriptionI had 6 plants total. Two were males, Two got ruined by ants, and one got eaten by a slug. that leaves me with one female. She was having severe problems with her set up at first, but ever since i moved her to where she is, she has recovered with flying colors! a note about me, i'm not to much of an experienced grower. all i know are the basics, and that my last two harvests, though small, provided some potent smoke. At the moment i'm using 20/20/20 fert and i have miracle grow bloom booster for when flowering comes.
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Yieldi dunno
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Nightshot 1 This is actually about 4 and a half months in.. oh well 07/28/05
Nightshot 2 ... 07/28/05
Nightshot 3 ... 07/28/05
out in the sun 1 Yep, here she is! 07/28/05
out in the sun 2 Nice top view 07/28/05
out in the sun 3 .... 07/28/05
out in the sun 4 Here is a close up of one of the leaves, it's about as big as my hand! 07/28/05
out in the sun 5 METAL!!! 07/28/05
semi-stealth I refer to my method of growth as semi-stealth. i do this becasue its blatently out in the open... yet its camoflaged enough so that no one notices it..even though its right in front of their face.. gotta love human psychology.. 07/28/05
semi stealth 2 its easier to see her in this picture. i know she has purple stems, but i just fed her yesterday, so they should clear up soon... 07/28/05

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