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  1st time Sensi Skunk Closet Grow (Avg Rating: 6.3 in 18 votes)  
Description2 sensi skunk seeds from amsterdam in a closet setup which cost less than 10 dollars to setup. this is a first time experience and the objective is knowledge first for kind buds would be well appreciated for the effort.
# Plants2
StrainsSensi Skunk from Sensi Seed Bank
Lights75 watt flo. from home depot
MediumMiracle Gro 3 month formula
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Day 0 - Setup Constructed a temporary setup for the first half of these plant's lives. it consists of this cabinet with rigged light fixture and aluminium covering all 4 walls of the enclosure. 07/25/05
Enclosure From Top This shows the coincidental ventilation hole that worked out quite well. 07/25/05
We Have Breakthrough! the first day was nothing but soil in the pot so here is the plant by the second day. keep in mind the seeds were germinated in paper towels before planting. at this point the other seed has not taken off and i have begun germinating another one. 07/25/05
Day 3 - Definition the shell of the seed has now fallen off the plant and the one leaf that was being weighed down by the shell has started recouperating and is now started to curve back upwards. exciting stuff. 07/25/05
Day 4 - Growth plant is alive and well. looks like it is doing quite well for being planted 4 days ago. i used my plant picture takin setting in order to get this close up. i love seeing those white crystals all over from close up. 07/26/05
Day 5 - More Development more leaves have sprouted from the middle and it looks like good growth is continuing. keeping these healthy under a 24 hr cycle is the key i guess. 07/27/05
Day 6 I am going to stop with the annoying updates but will keep posting daily pics to give everyone as well as myself a good journal recording the life of a plant from beginning to end. 07/30/05
Day 8 07/30/05
Day 9 Rebecca well under way. 07/31/05
Day 9 The setup this time with plants and name tags. 07/31/05

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