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  llIndigoll Harvest 2005d (Avg Rating: 8.3 in 30 votes)   OR, USA
Description100% Medical Marijuana grow
# Plants1
StrainsWR/TS, WR, Jack Herer, Afghani, June Bug
Lights1KW HPS and 140W fluor
MediumOrganic soil and Earth Plugs
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Female donor plants Jack Herer, Afghani, and White Russian mothers in veg. 07/23/05
Clones in veg These clones are vegging under 140W fluorescents while the previous harvest finishes flowering. They will go under the 1KW HPS in another 3 weeks. The strains include Jack Herer, White Russian, Russian Tundra, and Afghani. 07/23/05
Clones transplanted Jack Herer and Russian Tundra clones into 1-gallon pots for a couple weeks of vegging before flowering. 07/27/05
Clones transplanted A few more Jack Herer clonettes... 07/27/05
Smaller clones just rooted These haven't put on enough weight for the 1-gallon pots yet. They will probably not start flowering with their older sisters. 07/27/05
Jack Herer flowering This clone started flowering about 3 weeks ago, and I'm not impressed so far. At this point the flowers look similar to the Humboldt Indicas I grew earlier this year, and they were more sparse and fluffy than I care for. We'll see how these flowers develop in this smaller container. 07/27/05
Russian Tundra This was the first female to show in the batch of seeds I planted months ago. I flowered her after taking several rounds of cuttings. I kept this plant in a smaller container and trained it to grow in a half-circle. So far it is developing excellent flowers, and I'm much happier with this node spacing than I was with this plant's sister--which is just about ready for harvest. This plant has been flowering for about 5 weeks now. 07/27/05
Russian Tundra cola 07/27/05
Nearly a SOG This setup has a slightly staggered flowering cycle. Most of these are on day 1 while a couple are farther along. 08/04/05
Russian Tundra cola This is an excellent cross of WW/AK47 (Russian) with Matanuska Tundra (Tundra). 08/04/05

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