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  future_butterfly/My First Garden (Avg Rating: 5.3 in 21 votes)   Canada
DescriptionSoil is a mixture of Black Earth, with Shrimp and Peat Compost and Perlite.
# Plants5
Strainsnot a clue
LightsTwo 2' fluorescent lights.
MediumBlack Earth and other mix.
Yield0 right now
First Marijuana Picture

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7 Day old It seems to be growing good. 07/18/05
9 days old Baby #1, which is 9 days old, and looking younger than the rest. 07/18/05
9 day old Same baby as in the last pic of the 9 day old baby, different angle 07/18/05
13 Day old Babe Baby # 1 which happens to be one of my least developed. 07/18/05
Baby 13 Days Old This baby appears to have a bit of a color problem. 07/18/05
My better looking baby This plant is 2 days younger than the rest, yet it happens to be my most developed. Go figure 07/18/05
Second healthier plant This one seems to be doing ok. There is one small leaf that looks twisted but that is because that leaf was leaning against the post. 07/18/05
13 Day Old Beauty This is another one of my babies, one of the more developed ones. 07/19/05
Baby #1a 14days old Once again my youngest yet most developed baby. 07/19/05
Baby #1b 14days old Same baby different angle 07/19/05

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