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  Patz's Secrets (Avg Rating: 5.4 in 18 votes)   Attic
DescriptionGot 10 seeds from only planted 4 for this round and they are white widow
# Plants4
StrainsWhite Widow
Lights400W HPS
First Marijuana Picture

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Evaporative Cooler Got this to keep the temps down in the attic, still not as low as I'd like it to be, but it does a good job keeping it somewhat cold for the plants. 07/17/05
Light and Plants Just an overview of the light and the plants 07/17/05
All Four Picture of the 4 under the 400W HPS sunbathing 07/17/05
Biggest Plant This is the biggest of the 4 and also is now showing its first group of 3 leaves 07/17/05
The 2nd Largest Plant This is the second largest plant in the garden also with its first group of three leaves 07/17/05
Smallest of the Four This is the smallest plant, it broke earth last as well. Doesn't have its first group of 3 leaves yet 07/17/05
Largest Plant The leaf in the back is curling at the end, if you have any ideas as to why shoot me a PM it'd be much appreciated! 07/19/05
Lookin Good 07/19/05
Top View Top View of one of the medium sized plants in the garden 07/19/05
Baby of the Bunch This is the smallest of the 4, coming along nicely! 07/19/05

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