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# Plants3
Lights4x 28W (140W) energy saver flos.
MediumPotting Mix
YieldFirst Timer, dont know.
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First Image This is a shot of the garden after 30 hours under the new lights. The big pots are looking healthy, but the 3 smalls only time will tell. 07/17/05
Lights Here you can see how the two spotlights can be moved when the plants get higher. After one day back under lights (these were neglected plants) im already seeing a improvement. You can also see the big tube sitting over the 3 tiny babies, attempting to juice em up. 07/17/05
Changed setup Changed the setup, since a box as leaking. I think its much better like this. The plants can get right under the light, and ive moved the 2 decent really small plants into bigger pots, so thier ready for action. Ive now got 4 plants inside under lights, so in the future when the grow up, the room wont be a total jungle. 07/20/05
Setup As you can see the lights can be moved up by moving the lugs in the shelf as the plants grow. Still working out how to light the black ones properly. Aside from fixing that and uploading a picture of it, from now on im going to upload a pic every week for progress. Wish me luck. :) 07/20/05
new lights new lights! 4 28W (140W) flos. The plants are noticably larger every day. 07/26/05
New photo Cant really see how much its grown in this one, but you can see how 'stumpy' it is. The leafs and branches are rather close together, which ive been told is good. Its started showing alternating nodes, so its on 12/24 lights now. Starting to SERIOUSLY stink too. 08/03/05
Leaf Looking healthy. 08/03/05
5 weeks into 12/24 lights recent shot 5 weeks into 12/24 lighting. 08/23/05
week 5 12/24 birds eye recent shot 5 weeks into 12/24 lighting. 08/23/05
roll possible reflector? 08/23/05

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