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  JeSsE's OuTdOoR (Avg Rating: 6.5 in 18 votes)   oh CANADA!
Description25 plant outdoor garden in remote field! might sound funny but this garden belongs to me a 17 year old city boy but yet it looks like i have 10 years expecience when it only my second grow is that just a lot of luck folowing my way or what???
# Plants25
StrainsBlUe MoUnTaIn BaHnG rock wool clones!!
Lightsthat bigg shiny thing
Mediumtrpical mix/outdoor soil?BC mix
Yield1 million pounds
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BEAUTY 2 FOOTER 07/13/05
same 1 diif pic talk about bushy 07/13/05
a top to a different strain! 3 weeks flowering/a lil blury 07/13/05
ANOTHER!! looking GOOD!!! 07/13/05
2 MORE BEAUTYS looking NICE!!! 07/13/05
the rest of the gang! 1 month 07/13/05
another 2 on the other side of garden 07/13/05
a girl by her self 07/13/05
small girls wont be long untill there like there sisters 07/13/05
group pic still veging n already smells like skunk skunk skunk 07/13/05

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