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  30 year desire (Avg Rating: 4.4 in 25 votes)   north midwest usa
Descriptionsmall indoor 800wmh+600w fluro 5 gal pots in dirt. Soon to be airtite controlled enviro. This crop was started from seed and harvested at 7 months with 75 days flowering
# Plants20
Strainsunknown, indica
Lights2 400w MH with diffuser covers
Yieldabout 10-12 oz
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no leaf tops 1 3 plants stopped producing leaves after flowering. This is NOT indicative of the bud that thios crop produced! 07/06/05
65 days will it ever be ready?? 07/06/05
noleaf1 cut at 45 days. Another shot of the "no leaf"odd plants tops. 07/06/05
noleaf2 anotherpic of same no leaf oddity 07/06/05
full shot 68 days flowering full plant pic. Wish I could upload bigger pics. Why do other gardens have large pics that I can actually SEE!! 07/11/05
full shot2 68 days flowering full pic. This garden is currently NOT the best environment. A flood last season put my controlled environment out of business 07/11/05
full shot3 68 days flowering full pic 07/11/05
bud pic1 68 days full shot with bud 07/11/05
bud pic 2 68 days full pic with bud 07/11/05
bud pic1 68 days bud 07/11/05

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