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  Home Grown Act One Scene 4 (Avg Rating: 0.0 in -77 votes)   Wa Usa
Description4 Plants for testing have great seeds awating.... I am looking for input on what i am doing wrong... So my good seeds will grow lovely... Will update for the next month... Straight....ALSO if u think of something i should have pics of plz post will take more pics...
# Plants4
StrainsBag Seeds
LightsHalogen 600wt push and 50w intak
MediumMiracle Grow Soil/ Ferts...
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Water Ferts.. And how much Water I water the 4 plants with one bottle and half Daily? To Much? with ferts.. 07/03/05
Lighting Two Halogen 600w Bulbs Says it pushes but only uses 50w??? Tempts range 70 90o in between with a small fan as shown.. How often should fan be on? also? 07/03/05
Lamps Distance... ITs about foot and half away from plants I read this is problem I looken into getting some Crates for lift... 07/03/05
Plant #1 All three plants have been started the same time.. Transplanted 3 times my stupidity.. and transplanted WRONG lol.. 07/03/05
Plant#2 I havent Been able to tell male from Female YET still waiting... this is my first grow.. 07/03/05
PLant #3 The fourth Plant is a baby just grown going to kill off and grow the three.. If u can think of any more pics i should take pls post looking for most coments i can get.... 07/03/05
First Grow... Is this good? 07/04/05
just looken for some advise 07/04/05
Some these have Mag Light on the 07/04/05
Pretty Pretty Girl...? How much longer till i can tell u guyz think? 07/04/05

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