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  3rd Grow; Sea of Green; Various Strains (Avg Rating: 6.4 in 16 votes)   Texas
DescriptionTwo 400 watt and one 150 watt; 950 Total. My garden is in my office closet, using soil this time, which is much easier than Hydro, which I used last time. The seeds are ones I've been collecting from time to time. Next grow, i got a bunch from Adam.
# Plants15
StrainsVarious Indica and Sativa;
Lights2x400 HPS plus 150 HPS
Yieldexpecting 1lb or more
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Another top view I've got about 4 pure sative, probably white widow or similar stain, 7 mix--like K2, northern lights, and the a couple mostly pure indica. 07/01/05
4.5 weeks 12/12 top view Sea of Green in Action here. 07/01/05
4.5 weeks of 12/12 Side view. I have two tupperware bins in the back, about 10-15 gallons each and two 5 gallon pots up front. I used a chicken wire to keep plants orizontal and tied yard to pull them down. Working excellent! My plants form an canyon-like "pit" around each light and come higher on the sides to get maximum light. In the back is mylar. 07/01/05
Just a normal closet Door to grow room 07/06/05
exhaust fan I poked a whole in the cieling and put this 12" fan up there. Works excellent. Room stays cool even when door in completely closed and it's 100 degrees outside. It keep it about 78-80 inside 07/06/05
5 weeks 5 weeks 07/06/05

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