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Descriptionthere will be no new updates to this garden. People wanna act like narcs, they get what narcs get. Any sysops coming through that read this, feel free to delete the whole mess.
# Plants0
Strainsthey're just tomato plants
Lightsglow in the dark silly putty
Mediumkitty litter
Yieldto through traffic
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Day 1 As you can see, not much going on. But my little seeds have my Devil's Ivy and my Little Kitty to keep them company. 03/29/05
Day 6 All six of my little ones have come out and are looking fine. I've set up my little lamp and I'm extending their day by about five hours now. They get natural light from sunrise until 6:00pm, then they get put under the lamp until midnight. I realize most people give them 24 hours from sprouting until they're ready to force budding, but there's millions of years of evolution telling these plants that there should be a "night". Fighting it only racks up my electric bill. 17/7 is good enough for me. 04/03/05
Day 6(2) All my little babies smiling pretty for the camera. 04/03/05
Day 11 As you can see, all my plants have fallen over. They are, however, still developing. I realize that the problem is because my light source is too far away (it's not a "recommended" lighting type and gets too hot to be any closer than 18 to 24 inches from the plants). It's not the worst thing that could happen, though. If I groom them right, I'll have a little bush with interesting leaves instead of six tall plants that any bozo can recognize at first glance. 04/08/05
Day 11(2) You can see how long the stems have gotten. There was no way that stem was going to hold this plant up once it started getting leaves in. 04/08/05
Day 11(3) A shot of my super high-tech growroom setup (I made sure I got the timer in the picture). :) Yeah, it rocks. I know. 04/08/05
Day 11(4) I changed my mind about the whole "letting them grow flat" thing. I'm basically leaning the plants against regular pipecleaners. I've also elevated the plants so the tops are about a foot from the light. I'm hoping that the stems will be woody enough to support the plants without help by the time they're ready for the first topping. 04/08/05
Day 15 The kids are all right. They've all come up with three-bladed leaves now and the third node is on the way. The stems below the seed leaves are stronger than they were, but still pretty weak, so they'll probably have to stay on supports for quite some time, but the stems above that are nice and thick. It turns out that the supports were a good idea all the way around, because I ended up having to use them to separate the plants and keep them from blocking each other's light. I'm going to let them go until there's about a quarter to half inch of stem between the second and third nodes, then I'm going to top them. At the rate they're going now, I'm going to say within a week. 04/11/05
Day 15(2) Here's a tighter shot of the two biggest ones. The one on the left is starting to give a distinctly danky, yet still "innocent" aroma. ;) 04/11/05
forum pic taken on Day 16 (4/12/05) 04/12/05

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