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  Chest OfDrawers (Avg Rating: 7.5 in 18 votes)   New Zealand
Description430w sont-agro installed in a Chest of drawers. 250mm Bathroom exhaust fan with a speed controller. Built for stealth. Strain is "Red Devil" with which i am jogging.
# Plants1
StrainsRed Devil
Lights430w Sont-agro
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Inside 4oow hps with the bathroom fan installed directly behind it and totally enclosed for light trap, exit hole for air cut in the back. Air intake is from the bottom. 03/20/05
The plant Plant is "Red Devil, ive trained it and pinned it down for to keep height to a bare minimum, and for more yeild. 03/20/05
In the making, in the middle of production 03/20/05
In place In place and running. Pity about the ducting :) 03/30/05
The plant 5 days in flower Jogged 03/30/05
jogged 5 days Jogged 03/30/05
Opened up Opened up 03/30/05
65watt Cfl 65watt Cfl energy saver daylight, apparently equals 360watts! 04/01/05
65watt Cfl on the go Its running in a very temporary cardboard box :) 04/01/05
Plant day 7 Flower Budsites are popping through. Im rearranging the heights to as even as possible 04/01/05

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