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  Going for a gram per watt from a 400 HPS (Avg Rating: 0.0 in -92 votes)  
DescriptionThe strain is Sweet Cindy X Ortega, my own cross. I have 20 plants in 20 square feet grown to between 2.5 and 3' at 20 watts per square foot.
# Plants20
StrainsSweetCindy X Ortega
Lights 360 watts fluoros and a 400 HPS
MediumSoil, recycled from my last grow
Yield.80 gpw
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Clones in water This is how I propagate 03/15/05
clones in soil Just transplanted to my soil mix 03/15/05
droopy clones Just after being placed under the veg lights, there is a little drooping, but they adjust quickly 03/15/05
Original soil I'm in recycled soil this time around, but originally it was pro-mix and 1/3 perlite. This pic is from last years last grow. 03/15/05
Stacked planters When a grow is done, and with roots still present and untouched, I thoroughly flush with hot, warm and cold water, about 7.5 gallons through the nine gallons of soil volume in each stack. Stacking them makes the water work that much harder and keeps me from using so much fresh water. 03/15/05
Straining the soil of roots I do, some dont and claim it still works fine. I remove them by turning my soil over in a wire basket which is in a collection basket. I break the mass up with the tool and shake the wire screen vigorously for about 30 seconds, all it takes for the soil to fall through and the rootball to seperate 03/15/05
Roots in screen Make sure you remove roots from the soil in the first few days after harvest or they will softne and break apart on the screen instead of getting caught up in it. 03/15/05
reclamation box The cleaned soil is added to a box for drying it in between uses. I stir it up a bit every time I go by and that's all the maintenance it needs 03/15/05
The soil pile This is about 75 gallons of soil and 1/3 perlite 03/15/05
transplant day Everyone is moved into one gallon containers with recycled soil and fed a light veg fert with superthrive 03/16/05

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