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  llIndigoll Harvest 2005b (Avg Rating: 7.6 in 19 votes)   Oregon
Description3rd and 4th generation clones here. Medical grow.
# Plants4
StrainsAfghani, NL5, Sweet Purple, White Russian, Russian Tundra
Lights1KW HPS
MediumOrganic soil
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Group shot 03/13/05
Group shot 03/13/05
Group Flowering 2 Weeks Sweet Purples in the very front are dry enough for me to water. I allow the leaves to telegraph when the plant needs water. Note how they are starting to sag a bit. After watering them their leaves will perk up and point up at a 45-degree angle again. 04/02/05
Group Flowering 2 Weeks 04/02/05
Group Flowering 2 Weeks 04/02/05
Group Flowering 2 Weeks Here are NL5s, White Russians, Russian Tundras, and Sweet Purples. 04/02/05
Group Flowering 2 Weeks 04/02/05
Russian Tundra Flower This is WhiteRussian x MatanuskaTundra. All these genetics are from Serious Seeds and Sagarmatha Seeds. 04/02/05
Afghani Flowering 2 Weeks This was a donor plant for several generations of clones. She is too big for my veg space so it is time to flower her. 04/02/05
Group Flowering 3 Weeks 04/12/05

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