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  Indoor ability (Avg Rating: 7.2 in 15 votes)   SANTA CRUZ
Descriptionthe eveoloution of my second attempt at indoor growing. so far 40+ clones in the greenhouse & prop tray and 7 more under the desk where the chair is supposed to go,4 seedlings in the drip table and 4 mothers in a seperate room under 400W in a badass greenhouse.
# Plants45
Strainsgoo, northern lights
Mediumcoconut husk,perelite,rockwool
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some yummies xmas cheer 03/04/05
more goodness 03/04/05
sfsegfe ght 03/07/05
new crop 1-31-05 cant wait 03/07/05
beginnings of my drip table 03/08/05
seeds breaking ground 03/08/05
sprouts be baaaad 03/08/05
its like a NY subway in here 03/08/05
mom had HOW many twins? 03/08/05
sittin at the kids table 03/08/05

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