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  Bushy indoor plant (Avg Rating: 6.7 in 21 votes)   sydney, down under
Descriptionoriginally i had 2 plants, one much older. the older plant was a male and therefore i had to get rid of it. this one however is female and she better farken smoke me out good this crop
# Plants2
Strainsno idea
Lights2x 18 watt fluorescent lights.
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day 5 just sprouted, five days after being planted. is this growing fast or normal? 02/26/05
day 13 this is my plant 13 days after being planted from seed. looking ok. there are 4 main leaves and 6 smaller ones shooting. how could i tell what type of strain this is? 02/26/05
day 16 at day 16 the plant is looking pretty healthy 03/05/05
day 20 just 20 days after being planted, i had to rip off some leaves off the top to encourage growth upwards. 03/05/05
day22 at day 22 shes startin to bush out a little. 03/07/05
day 24 im gonna stop posting as many pics, as much as i love my pot, im gonna get bored sooner or later 03/09/05
day 28 ok, one month since planting. i think this might be a dwarf cause this bushy motherfucker is takin off. the stem is half a cm thivk already and is rock solid. 03/15/05
day 33 i hope these babies are female preflowers!!! its hard to say because i give it 22 hours of light a day and in theory you need 12/12 to force flowering. 03/18/05
day 33 day 33, as you can see i am now lighting from above to promote upwards growth. the fluoro lights are working well and i dont even need much ventilation cause the fluoros dont cause much heat. metal halides and hps i think are more trouble than they are worth 03/19/05
day 36 The plant is really starting to grow these last few days, ive noticed shit loads of new branches forming. one branch near the base of the stem split into two about 2cm after it shot out!! theres a total of 7 branches forming now as well as the main cola 03/23/05

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