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Descriptionall flourescent 865 watts 2 125watt enviro lights...12 40 watt shop lights..3 45 watt compact in bed room closet 4th grow 1st real harvest( ordered some seeds from a well known dealer and he sold me hemp seeds) so i got some viable seeds from the local grower
# Plants3
Strainslemon skunk
Lights865 watts of flourescents...
Mediumsoil vermiculite
Yield4 zips
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started off with 02/14/05
young bucks two days veg 02/14/05
coming up 1 week veg 02/14/05
outside grow chamber couples week into veg 02/14/05
started off with 9 plants but on 5 plants they all suffered major nute burn (dont use mircle grow)i had to do a tripple by pass.. 02/14/05
pic of bud 3 week into flowering 02/14/05
6th week flowering 1 out of 3 plants 02/14/05
9th week into flowering plant in shower ready to be flushed 02/14/05
bud 4 you harvest off of one plant 02/14/05
pound 4 pound you cant get dense buds with flourecent lighting i heard? 02/14/05

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