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  RC33'S Taste of Moscow (Avg Rating: 7.1 in 22 votes)  
Description3 white russians
# Plants3
Strains3 White Russians
Lights2 40w flo's and a 400w HPS
Mediumsoil, perlight
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The 3 ladies of St. Petersburg Check out those 3 Russian Sluts! 03/15/05
A Full Body shot of Kate I burned her a little with the nutes. Sometimes you gotta keep these bitches in check when they step out of line. These Ruskies are sensitve, but they get over it. 03/15/05
A Full Body shot of Sabrine She's the biggest and the baddest. Her smake is killer too. 03/15/05
Main Cola Notice the fert burn. 03/15/05
Coming along another one 03/16/05
coming along another one 03/16/05
coming along close ups 03/16/05
close up check it 03/16/05
close up check it 03/16/05
Tiberon Rocks Many thanks 03/16/05

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