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  RC33'S Taste of Moscow (Avg Rating: 7.1 in 22 votes)  
Description3 white russians
# Plants3
Strains3 White Russians
Lights2 40w flo's and a 400w HPS
Mediumsoil, perlight
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Overall setup for vegitation. This is an 8sqf closet with 8 5 gallon buckets. I have the 40 watt flo's over the little babies now 01/25/05
White Russian # 1 This little one was planted on the 10th of Jan and sprouted on the 11th. 15 days old. 01/25/05
White Russian #2 Same thing different Ruskie. 01/25/05
Shiva Shanti #1 This is the Shiva I'm a little concerned with. She is a little lighter in color than the Russians and her growth was stunted during the transplant. It seems her and the other Shiva are getting left behind. 01/25/05
Shiva Shanti #2 This is the second Shiva. Not much growth since the transplant on the 20th. 01/25/05
Under the lights This is the light they are currently enjoying. These two are White Russians. 01/25/05
Day 20 it's HPS time The flo's are gone and the 400 Watt HPS has assumed the watch. 01/30/05
White Russian # 1 It's coming along nicely at 20 days. 01/30/05
WR #2 This one is the gardens best 20 days into the grow. 01/30/05
Shiva Shanti #1 It is looking better and is finally coming along. 01/30/05

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