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  White Rhino in Caracas (Avg Rating: 6.8 in 40 votes)   Caracas, Venezuela
DescriptionSeeds from amsterdam and soil from south america... I hope this mix results in wonderfull high... Change: Two weeks after I plant the seeds into soil (outdoors), I moved them to indoors light because the rain was ruin the grow. 06/March/05: Now im using the new lamp with 400Watts Metal Halide for grow and later 400Watts HPS for flowering. 01/May/2005: All my plants are dead or male, so, I start again with bubble gum, haze and white rhino, with diferent soil (mix) and only HPS. FINALLY this garden start to grow fast and good!!
# Plants5
StrainsWhite Rhino, Haze, Bubblegum and unknow stains.
Lights400 Watts HPS + 400 Watts MH
MediumSoil (mix, hummus, coconut hair)
Yielddon't know yet
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Germination 1 These babies are coming soon... 01/24/05
From germination to soil Yes, This is the first of two seeds in the soil 01/26/05
1 day later... yummi 01/26/05
day two wow, almost 3cm in one day... 01/26/05
new sister I hope this little two children has enought room to share. 02/03/05
5 days after indoor lights Because the strong rain was ruin my babies, I decide to move them to indoor lights... (sylvania Spot-GRO 150watts) 02/13/05
new home inside Well, I have to build a new home for my babies because they wasnt receive good light and total dark. 02/18/05
damage for transplanting The plants are suffering righ now the consequences of transplanting... 02/21/05
more light I added a new light because I need to expand the space for the next generation of babies 02/21/05
healthy white rhino 4 days after the new 400Watts MH, the plant is recovering good and growing faster. 03/08/05

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