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  llIndigoll Harvest 2005a (Avg Rating: 8.7 in 20 votes)  
DescriptionYet another medical grow.
# Plants4
StrainsNL#5, Humboldt Indica, and Afghani
Lights1KW HPS & 160W Fluor
MediumDown To Earth organic + compost
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NL #5 Named Orchid because I like the name, and I was on the "O's" with my alphabetical naming scheme for female plants from seed. This is the NL#5 mother of many clones to come. This is one of my favorite strains. She was given Low-Stress-Training while cuttings were taken. That means the apical meristem was never cut. This plant was germinated in July 2004 and kept in stasis with small pots and fluorescent lighting. I am now vegging her under HPS in a 7-gallon pot for flowering. 01/17/05
Group Veg From left to right: Back: Afghani 2nd generation clone and NL#5 Front: Afghani 3rd generatrion clone 01/17/05
New room This will be a veg/flower area covering 20 sq feet for the 1KW HPS. The larger plant in the back is the NL5 in a 10-gallon pot. The others are Afghani, Humboldt Indica, and NL5 clones. 01/23/05
Group Veg 01/23/05
Garden Guardian 01/23/05
Group Flower Day 1 I trimmed most of the lowest branches and nodes on the NL#5 at the onset of flowering to promote more bud development on the tops. The rest of the plants are NL#5, Humboldt Indica, and Afghani clones. I had more clones successfully rooted than I could veg so I'm flowering them at 1 foot. 01/31/05
Group Flower Day 1 01/31/05
Afghani Flowering Week 2 02/04/05
Afghani Flowering Week 2 02/04/05
Afghani Flowering 3 Weeks 02/12/05

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