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DescriptionThis was an aeroponics garden I built about 7.5 years ago after I attended a NASA seminar. I went to the seminar because of work and listened to NASA's detailed explanation of space travel and some of the ideas to realize long space journeys to distant planets. In their description, they were explaining the method by which astronauts would obtain their oxygen and food supplies if a trip to Mars was launched. This was the first time I was introduced to aeroponics. The NASA people went into great lengths about the speed at which plants grew, producing oxygen and a steady food source for their brave men and women. I flew back home with my partner two weeks later when the seminar ended and while sitting on the plane, my partner and long time grow buddy said to me, "wouldn't it be awesome if we could grow weed using that aeroponics technique?" Although it never occurred to me during the seminar, bells and whistles started going off in my head. When we finally got home, I quickly contacted the NASA people and had them send me everything they had pertaining to their aeroponics research. An orange box worth of files arrived on my desk about a month later and so began my research into the aeroponics technique. My buddy and I was using high tech water cultures then, now referred to as Nutrient Film Technique, and were no strangers to marijuana or the methods that can be implemented to grow them. We had tried every technique available or dreamable at the time but never attempted aeroponics. After 4 long months of debating and researching with my friend, we were finally ready to put together our first aeroponics garden. And so the journey began.....what you see here is my second aeroponics garden. It contains the newly available HPS bulb, new back in those days, three 1 horsepower jet pumps, 360 degree atomizing misters, CO2 controllers, and carbon hepa filters.
# Plants48
StrainsPersonal Strain
Lights3 x 1000 W HPS
Yield9 lbs/month
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Vegging 1 This is what my girls looked like after spending 3 days in the vegging chamber. They only get Fluorescent lighting at this point and for the remainder of it's vegatative stage. 11/26/03
2 Week Vegging This is a picture of what the girls look like after 2 weeks of vegatative growth. They have already surpassed my designated size for them so off to the flowering stage they went. 11/26/03
Transition To Bloom Some of the girls have already started to show their potential while others are still in veg. 11/26/03
Flower Power All the girls are showing they have started to flower so off to the HPS lights they go. 11/26/03
1.5 Week of 12/12 Everything is ready and the girls are nicely settled in. Time to crank up the ferts, CO2, O2, and lights. 11/26/03
2.0 Week of 12/12 Girls showing how grateful they are of the attention they are given. 11/26/03
2.5 Week of 12/12 Growth is explosive and nutrient levels uptake is extremely quick. At this stage they are consuming close to 100 litres of 1500 ppm a day 11/26/03
3.0 Week of 12/12 Everyday they look different. At this stage they are consuming 110 litres of 1700 ppm a day 11/26/03
3.5 Week of 12/12 Crystals cystals and more crystals. 11/26/03
4.0 Week of 12/12 Buds are really tightening up now and calyxes have swelled well beyond the norm. 11/26/03

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