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  E-Doggs First grow..Please check it out and vote! (Avg Rating: 6.4 in 23 votes)   Somewhere in California
DescriptionI think this is a plant of the BigBud strand or Indica but its for sure a good strand thanks to Ranger Danger. For the vegging stage I started using Schults All Purpose plant food (20-20-20)because I couldn't find any Peters 20-20-20. But i finally foind it and am currently using it. For the flowering stage im going to be using Miracle Grow's Bloom Booster (10-52-10)This is an all outdoor plant and has never been indoors..We will see what we can get. it is injured due to bugs and my dogs got a hold of it but im going to bring this baby to life! I wish I could plant these seeds I have but its too late for outdoor babies I think. Ill just wait till next growing season. Anyone can im me at active05 to ask questions or answer my questions. thanks, E-Man 7/28/03- Today I transplanted the plant because it was too big for the pot..the roots were coming out of the holes in the bottom of the plant.(oops, its my FRIST grow so give me a break lol) The process was hard on the plant and I wont have any vitamin B-1 until tomorrow. I have never fed her plant food in the month of her life until yesterday. Lets see if I can revive her. 7/29/03- Went shopping and didnt find any Peters 20-20-20 so I got some Schults 20-20-20. Also added B-1. Maybe it will help with the roots :-\. 7/30/03- woke up and watered her.(Didnt use the gallon of water with the food and piss in it. (I heard piss was good for plants so i pissed in the gallon of food lol). We shall see how she holds up through the night. Also the new leaves are coming out very nicely! Looking good at the moment but I just have to wait and see. 8/12/03- I have been gone for about 2 weeks but before I left I got a hold of some Peters 20-20-20....My mom watered her once every other day and fed the peters to her once every week... She loves PETERS...I wonder why(twice since I have been gone) She did a good job....Thanks mom! 8-20-03- This morning was a good morning. I woke up to see that she is in fact a GIRL..I saw little hairs and they are barely visible in the pic but if u look hard enough you will find them..NO BALLS..thats all for now, bye. 8-21-03-I added a new pic today of the overall plant...Check out the DIFFERENCE!!! I think im doing a pretty good job for my first time.
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StrainsBigBud I think.
First Marijuana Picture

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