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  MellowDood - Grow #3 (Avg Rating: 6.0 in 26 votes)   Earth
DescriptionThis grow is 1 feminized Dutch Passion White Widow and 2 Dutch Passion Blueberries. I hope to get 1 male Blueberry so that i can pollinate a WW clone for some seeds that will be ready by Christmas time before I have to shut down for spring semester.
# Plants3
StrainsDP White Widow (fem'd), DP Blueberry
Lights250W HPS
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D1 - WW Happy Birthday! 07/27/03
D1 - BB1 Happy Birthday, BB #1! 07/31/03
D24 - WW Those are the tightest internodes I've ever seen. 08/17/03
D19 - BB1 I think this one will be riding the short bus to school. 08/17/03
D18 - BB2 She (fingers crossed) looks wonderful so far, able to produce some fat colas...or he (fingers crossed) appears to have great genetics that will cross nicely with a WW clone...hmmmm 08/17/03
D25 - BB Sadly the other Blueberry had to be sacrificed to make room for a Hindu Kush clone, but this one is looking good. 08/25/03
D25 - BB burn I can't figure out why this camera doesn't focus right half the time, but this looks like fert burn to me...time to lower the dose. 08/25/03
D31 - WW Her nodes are still very tightly packed. I topped her a few days ago and the two new tops are already kicking into gear. 08/25/03
D29 - BB Transplanted to 4-gal bucket tomorrow 08/29/03
D35 - WW Getting a SCROG tomorrow 08/29/03

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