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  little grow show (Avg Rating: 7.5 in 51 votes)   canada
Description5 kc 33 at 6 feet. Little ones in bottom next crop.
# Plants10
Lights1000 w hps and 400 watt hps
Yield1.8 pounds from 5 plants
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not to good of a picture but you this is down the center all you see is the little ones but there still pretty good size. not enough flash. 07/04/03
bud compared to one litrer bottl big budz check out 07/10/03
more budz check it out best tv station ever. from canada eh. 07/10/03
more budz check out 07/10/03
this is what a 1000 watts create please vote for my garden to tell me whatcha think. those lights there i built out of grow bust that happen down the street found pieces to put something together no money down just 60 bucks canadian for the kc33 seeds not bad trees eh? 07/10/03
big watts big budz 07/10/03
2 more weeks to go there gettin 07/10/03
big as water pitcher 2 more week the great buddy north 07/10/03
canada budz the great buddy north 07/10/03
handy budz 2 more weeks don't need much to get big budz time is number one 07/10/03

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