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DescriptionI found this one seed from a really good bag my friend got me, and it turned out to be a girl, woooo! He knows the guy who grows it and says that he calls it Celery. All I remember is it had a very mild taste and a great high. The thin blades make me think she's more sativa but that's all I have to go on. Mom and daughters are all flowering now. Mom was JOG'd for 10 weeks, kept below 12" until 12/12. She has gone through way too much stress, including a week-long vacation I took during which she all but died, leaving her with only growth tips and a few fan leaves. Feeding with a mixture of Fox Farm Marine Cuisine and Budswel that is about 5-11-4 as well as regular watering with Liquid Karma.
# Plants3
StrainsCelery ?
Lights120W CF, 250W HPS
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D98, F33 - JOG Doesn't she look pathetic? I find it hard to believe she's still hanging in there. 07/02/03
D98, F33 - Birdseye Looking better from above. I see 1, 2, 3...SEVEN budsites!!! JOG'ing for life :) 07/02/03
D98, F33 - Supercrop One of 6 supercropped stems 07/02/03
D98, F33 - Supercrop First of 6 supercropped stems. I nearly killed this one but my girl is a fighter! After uploading this picture I realized how tight that twist tie was so it's gone now and she can breath again. 07/02/03
D98, F33 - Red Stem She has had some red stems since early in veg, but not as bright as this one and others appearing now. What to do? :( 07/02/03
D98, F33 - Main Cola Main cola 07/02/03
D98, F33 - Main Bud This is the bud from the main growth tip. It's not the biggest because of how I JOG'd the plant, but if it stretches for the light anymore it could end up being the biggest. This picture sucks, but you can sort of see the crystals that appeared about a week ago. 07/02/03
D10, F6 - Clone #1 44 days since I took this cutting. It was my first attempt at cloning so they took a long time to root and begin vegging, but I think with the knowledge I've gained from her mother she should turn out great...ORGANICS! :) 07/02/03
D10, F6 - Clone #2 The only other surviving clone in my closet. Two more are under the sun at my friend's place. Did I mention my new digi cam sucks ass? 07/02/03
Hammock Chair The newest addition to the grow room, and the most comfortable seat in the house! Too bad my Ansel Adams got the glare from the flash, it's a badass photo @ Yellowstoned :) 07/02/03

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