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  MellowDood - Grow #2 (Avg Rating: 5.5 in 26 votes)  
Description2 Hindu Kush, 2 Top 44, 2 NL Pure Indica all from Nirvana seeds; 1 Papaya (Mango) clone
# Plants7
StrainsHindu Kush, Top 44, NL Pure Indica, Papaya
Lights120W CF, 250W HPS
Yieldabout 90g from 5 clones
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D19 - NL #2 Day 19 veg, first JOG a few days ago, 2 gallon pot w/ my very own Mellow Mix :) 07/01/03
D19 - Top 44 #1 First JOG a couple days ago, 1 gallon planter 07/01/03
D19 - Top 44 #2 First JOG a couple days ago, 1 gallon planter 07/01/03
D19 - Kush #1 2 gallon pot w/ experimental JOG'ing basket 07/01/03
D19 - Kush #1 close-up same pic zoom'd in 07/01/03
D26 - Mango Clone This girl went through some rough times but was the only one of 4 sisters to survive and despite the bad pic she really is improving daily. Also in 1 gallon planter. 07/01/03
Updated Vegging Area I removed the wire book case i was using to hold up my lights and got some dry wall anchors to hang the lights from the ceiling, which gives me at least an extra 8" of vertical space. And as soon as the clones show sex I'll add 2-3 more lights on the other side if I have enough girls to fill the entire shelf. 07/22/03
D51, F1 - Mango In her new 4 gal bucket for a week now, the one surviving Mango clone has shown considerable signs of recovery and starts 12/12 today. I hope she turns out 4 fat colas where I have JOG'd her. 07/26/03
D44 - Kush Only @ day 44 veg from seed and this Hindu Kush clone is showing alternating nodes. There are a few more alternating nodes that are more drastic than this one on the mother/father. As soon as this and the other clones root I will sex them. 07/26/03
D56, F6 - Mango Just a little bit of stretching in the first week. Can't wait for the buds to start appearing next week :) 07/31/03

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