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DescriptionThis is my wardrobe conversion. I had grown in this space before and gotten encouraging results. But that was a while ago and a bit different. Radicaly different in fact as both the doors were left open with fans blowing air at the cupboard from an open window from the other side of a smallish room. Anyways it worked back then and the fruits of a couple of harvests were enjoyed. This time however the paramaters have changed and the room is now my bedroom. I didn't think that the wife would like to sleep on the living room floor like i did when single, so i could use the room again. Hence this time the doors must stay closed and the challenge increased still as noise levels must be kept reasonable so that the wife can sleep and will not complain. Thats why so much work has gone into the ventilation aspects as well as the sound proofing. The space is pretty tight, in the top of the cupboard is all of the ventilation fans and their ducting, along with the ballast for the light along with my fishtank air pump and as many of the power outlets as possible. Ventilation is taken care of by 3 X 150mm inline radial fans rated at 91 Litres/sec. One of them sucks air from the growspace through the aircooled reflector to help keep the heat of the lamp under control. All three exhaust fans drop their load into a cardboard box that has been lined inside with cardbord egg crates (to try and damp the noise). The air then exits through the other end of the box. This exhaust airbox is mounted directly above the cupboard in the ceiling space. Fresh air in is delivered via a single 200mm ducting from an air vent in the ceiling panel down to the 200mm Centrifugal fan Rated @ 280 Litres/Second, then straight to the joey. The wall space in the top of the cupboard was lined with the old cardbord egg crates. To fill the gaps that were left in the top of cupboards ceiling panels after the exh airbox and my butchering, i cut up a foam matress and basically sealed the top of cupboard from the rest of roofspace. This was a big hassle to get up in there and was done both to cutdown on the sound and for privacy reasons as well. Foam batons were cut and lined with 100m/hr tape and fitted in the top whever the cardbord egg crates had not filled the space and it wasn't needed for other things. What a hassle this was. But it did the trick thank fuck as for a while i shat stiff ones thinking that the air noise and such sounded like ten thousand simaltanious headjobs being given in the room. Growspace lined in astrofoil and fully sealed from the upper compartment. Small ionizer used to controll odors. Small desk fan to aid air circulation across the joey. Thirty five litre resovoir with your average style recirculating type setup. **--14/2/03 Looks like we are set. Just got word from a friend that he has a baby hawiian girl to let go to a good home
# Plants1
StrainsHawiian Skunk
Lights1x600W Retro Metal Halide/HPS
MediumExpanded Clay
YieldAnticipate 18oz
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Closer to done 4 Intake Air Fan Crap photo of the monster centrifugal fan. Note the foam soundproofing in the place of ceiling panels. 02/12/03
Closer to done 3 Intake grill 02/12/03
Closer to done 2 Ducting Topshelf before it was sealed in. Three fans mounted to the wall and the fourth intake fan on the shelf 02/12/03
closer to done 5 Light and air ducting. Reasonable photo. 02/13/03
closer to done 6 Better photo of a basicaly complete system. 02/13/03
closer to done 7 Crap photo light and ducting 02/13/03
Getting there And no the cardboard box does not still reside in there. Plastic now holds the pot at the right height. 02/14/03
Before i started This is what the setup looked like on day one. From here there was a load of work went into making a growspace with as few compromises to quality as possible. 02/14/03
The baby Hawiian Not much of a photo. And she is only a lil baby. Will get some better photos of a bigger healthier girl soon. 02/16/03
@ 2weeks 03/01/03

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