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DescriptionThis is our first grow. We ended up using some bagseed that came from decent outdoor. We started off with 5 plants but 3 were male so we were left with 2 females. One female was pretty badly hurt by being root bound as well as burned by too much fertilizer early in age. She never fully recovered. They are both now 32 days into flowering and looking good. They are in 3 gallon pots in a soil mixture. They are kept in a 3'x2'x5' cabinet painted white in the grow space. We are running a 125 watt Envirolite and a 150 watt HPS security light that I rigged into a remote ballast setup. I have already learned a lot from this grow and can't wait for the next! Later.
# Plants2
StrainsOutdoor bagseed
Lights125 watt CFL / 150 watt HPS
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Can't see? 275 watts of light sure is bright! 02/08/03
Inside the Box This is the 3'x2'x5' growbox. Seems to be working out great. 02/08/03
Light #1 This was a 150 HPS watt security light that I converted into a remote ballast style grow light. We had to train the plant on the right to get maximum lumens on both plants. 02/08/03
Light #2 This is a 125 watt Envirolite that I use to help the lower parts of the plants get light. 02/08/03
Ventilation We use 2 computer fans rated at 85 cfm each (one intake one exhaust) as well as a bathroom fan for intake. 02/08/03
Cola This is the cola off the biggest plant at 32 days of 12/12. 02/08/03
Cola Closeup #1 This is a cola pic of our smaller plant at 32 says 12/12. 02/08/03
Cola Closeup #2 This is a cola pic of our larger plant at 32 days 12/12. 02/08/03
Cola Closeup #3 This a another closeup of the bigger plant at 32 days 12/12. 02/08/03
Budzzzzz Buds growing off of the branch I trained. 02/08/03

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