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DescriptionPersonal Use Only.
# Plants48
StrainsBagseed+BC BIG BUD+Citrus Skunk
Lights1000 WAgrosun + 1000 W HPS
Yield20 tons / Square Mile
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Day 11 seedling This is very exciting for me. 02/02/03
The 125 Watt Envirolite Day 11 p I am trying a 125 Watt Fluoro. 02/02/03
The big light, 1000 w AGrosun Go 30 plants in 10 pots, plus a few in peat pots which I am not sure what to do with. Note the thermometer. It show max/min on table height, and the probe is situated at leaf height. I am having a great time with this new pursuit. 02/02/03
Day 12 closeup Amazing new leaf generation in just ONE DAY! 02/03/03
Lumberjack (Humor) Note the lumberjack cutting one of the plants down. DAY 13. See what happens when you fertilize with KRYPTONITE! 02/04/03
DAY 13 under 125Watt Envirolite Getting bigger by the day! 02/04/03
Stealth Grow Room Built it today. Big Fan, and b/w poly on walls. Tomorrow I need to vent the exhaust outside. Smells like skunk at the front door! 02/06/03
Day 14 wide shot Getting bigger every day! 02/06/03
Close-up Note new leaf growth 02/06/03
Excerpt from NARC training How to Spot a 02/07/03

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