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  my first garden =p (Avg Rating: 5.3 in 36 votes)   NW .England
Descriptionhey ,this is my first attempt at gardening ,,and it shows :) anyways ,this garden is located in a 4ft x 2 ft box,in an alley between 2 houses,,and is equipped with a cloaking device ,,to stop detection from officers of the law :( anyway this was a spur of the moment idea,just growin with stuff i had a available at the time,another much larger garden is being made as we speak ,for when plants are put into flowering,,,well cant wait to see the end of this experiment,,( i got seeds from a friend ,and he said they a mixture ) ,anyways ,hopefully in a few months i have some mystery bud ?? mm mm nice
# Plants8
Strainsmystery ganja
Lights4 x flourescent
First Marijuana Picture

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plant standin guard i like this one,, do u think there is somethin wrong with me ,,if i wanna make love to a plant ??? :) dont tell me u dont know the feeling,,,hehe i thought u did =p 08/26/02
my Favourite plant dont know what any of these plants are ,,sent to me from holland ,a mixture,,this has very fat leaves compared to other plants 08/26/02
Phat Leaf plant (topview) this is stocky motha from above ,, i ha dto scavenge most things for this garden ,,notice nice use of paint pot as plant home,,,all i wanna know is will my buds be ,,gloss or emulsion :) 08/26/02
looks like i just rubbed my eyes a blurry shot here ,,this is what happens when u try and be a cameraman after smokin to much bud,,i swear as well last night i thought these pics wherer perfectly in focus,,,i reconsider after looin at them sober 08/26/02
(3 weeks old ) a dark pic,,after very slow start past week they actually growin 08/26/02
(3 weeks old ) top view ,,come on grow yer little bastards :)) 08/26/02
my weediest plant :( he sux ,he is a lazy plant refusin to grow ,,grgrgrgrrr 08/26/02
blurred photo king :) hey ,i apologise for the bad photo i gonna have to practise :)) 08/26/02
plz be a female i am an unlucky person,,,so i bet u out of f 8 plants i get 7 males ..,,the suspense is killin me 08/26/02
sick plant the ends of the leaves keep turnin brown on this plant,,,i not sure whats up with it ,,any suggestions 08/26/02

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