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  My First Hyrdoponics (Avg Rating: 4.3 in 42 votes)   Alabama
DescriptionHopefully this will eventually produce medical marijuana for the terminally ill. For now, witness my first experiment with hydroponics. Starting small, nothing fancy
# Plants8
Strainsgood question
Lights1 Floro
Yieldnone yet
First Marijuana Picture

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Hydro/Aero bucket This is a 5-gallon paint bucket with holes in lid for planters. Airpump for fishtank keeps the water aerated. 08/18/02
This seedling survived attic hel This is week 3 for this poor excuse...not sure if it will ever decide to kick into gear. 08/18/02
Ebb and Flow Not using this now, had water pump circulating water...too hard to maintain this system so I switched to the hydro-bucket. Only one survived this setup and is now in the hydro-bucket. 08/18/02
closer view of seedlings These are on day 7 after germination, except for the one just above where the airhose goes in. It survived for three weeks, not sure what it will do. 08/18/02
My tallest seedling, 8 days This one seems to be growing quick. The one next to it is the one I am trying to salvage...but the leaves are now starting to wilt. I hate losing :-) 08/19/02
Messy Closet This closet is just the basics. Just added another floro (now there are two) and will add more as they grow. To the right are actually tomato plants...I cut off the tops just now so they weren't in the way of what I am really trying to grow. This is more of a decoy for the wife :-) I guess eventually she will figure out what I have planted there. But for now they are tomato seedlings :-) 08/19/02
Garden, Day 15 after germination As you can see, one plant is much larger. Only 3 look like they will survive. Notice yellow spots on plant to left. Not sure why because this is hydroponics and they all get the same nutrients. 08/26/02
15 Days, side view Side view of the 3 largest plants. Very strange "bonsai" type plant in lower left corner...this is actually over a month old. Just never grows past this miniature state. 08/26/02
Largest one 15 days This is the largest one at 15 days 08/26/02
Spotted plant at 15 days This plant has yellow spots, weird because the other ones in the same hydroponic bucket (same nutrients) didn't do this. 08/26/02

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