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DescriptionHere's a quick description of my indoor garden. I have 3 plants in my bedroom closet with the lights on a 18/6 schedule . There is one fan for intake, one for exhaust and one fan to circulate air around. The temperature stays between 75 to 87 degrees. They get water every four to five days with destilled water and 1/4 tsp of SUPERTHRIVE per gallon. For fertalizing I use 1/4 tsp of 20-20-20 with a 1/4 tsp os SUPERTHRIVE per gallon of water for vegging and for flowering I use 1/2tsp of MIRACLE GRO BLOOM BUSTER with 1/4 tsp of SUPERTHRIVE per gallon of water, every 3rd time I water. The ph in the soil have stayed 6.5 - 7.0 thru out the whole growth. No bugs have been and issue so far. Some over ferts. happened but the plants got flushed and problem solved. The digital camara is a crappy one so don't mind the bad pics.
# Plants3
Lights2 150w hps, 1 110w flourecent
MediumMiracle Gro Soil
YieldDon't know yet
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DSmokers indoor garden The plants in each side are sister from a bag of hydros budz I got a while back, it was the shit(I call them THE TWINS),and the one in the middle is from some mid grade weed that was good. 10/20/02
Side view of plant no.1 The best looking plant so far. This plant turned out to be a male, so it got hacked very quickly. BYE,BYE PLANT NO.1. 10/20/02
Top view on no. 1 Ain't that pretty. Too bad that it turned out to be a male. BASTARD!!! 10/20/02
No.2 and no.3 side view This are my two females. I call them "THE TWINS". I wish I knew what strain they are. I know that the bag was some very slamming budz. 10/20/02
Top view on no.2 and no.3 Another shot of the twins. 10/20/02
Plant no.1 A closer look. This one turned out to be a male. So is bye bye to no.1. 10/20/02
No.2 No.2 up close and personal. 10/20/02
No.3 No.3 upclose and personal. 10/20/02
Ferts. and vitamines This is what I use to feed my twins. For vegging 20-20-20 All Purpose plant food with Superthrive and for flowering Bloom Buster with Superthrive. 10/20/02
Bottom leaves What does this look like? I think is over fert. 10/20/02

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