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DescriptionI've got a 2 feet x 4 feet x 7 feet (height) closet set up. Walls, ceiling and floor lined with mylar. 5 shop lights running 6 warm and 4 cool white flouro tubes. Small fan constantly running. Temp usually in the 75F to 82F range. Flowering 3 females...unknown strain...seed from good bag o' weed! :) First ever grow! Using lots of advice from members throughout my grow and I'm learning loads.
# Plants3
Lights10 x 4 foot 40 watt flouros
YieldDon't know yet!
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July 6th 2002 Started these babies in the great outdoors and moved them inside once closet set up was complete. This picture shows them 1 to 2 weeks after germination. 08/02/02
July 19th 2002 A couple of weeks under lights and not much progress. Realized I was using wrong kind of lights! I started out with a mixture of warm white and Plant & Aquarium lights. Shortly after this picture was taken I switched to all cool whites. 08/02/02
August 2nd 2002 A couple more weeks under improved lighting and things are looking much better! :) After my poor start and all the bad things I keep hearing about growing under flouros, I'm quite pleased with the way things are looking now. Of course, this is my first grow so what the hell do I know!?! ;) 08/02/02
August 3rd 2002 OK's another picture taken from a slightly wider angle. Hopefully, this one will give you a better idea of how my set up looks. To get the proper perspective, remember my closet is 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep. I constructed a false, raised floor with holes for drainage and ventilation. Just above (out of shot) there is a shelf. On top I've got my timer, extension cords and an extra fan. The 3 shop light units are suspended from the underside of the shelf. 08/04/02
August 7th 2002 Pic 1 These are the three smaller plants. A little shorter than their other three sisters, but the one on the left is catching up fast. 08/07/02
August 7th 2002 Pic 2 The three taller plants. The tallest one (on the right) now measures a healthy 14". Check out the kink in the main stalk of the one on the left. It did that without any help from me! 08/07/02
Sept 29th Pic 1 Flowering day 35 09/29/02
Sept 29th Pic 2 Flowering day 35 09/29/02
Sept 29th Pic 3 Flowering day 35 09/29/02
Oct 20th Pic 1 Flowering Day 54 10/21/02

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