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  my first grow. hopefully everthing turns out good (Avg Rating: 5.6 in 13 votes)   in my closet
DescriptionFirst time closet grower. Been looking at alot of gardens and i think i have a shot at success. tell me what u think....
# Plants8
Strainsbag seed 1 from some dro
Lights4-2ft flouros
Mediumorganic humus and manure
Yieldwe will see??
First Marijuana Picture

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babies Just started about a week or less 08/27/09
current growth About 2 months 08/27/09
current growth I call this 1 double d. i trimed the node when she was about 2 weeks. she struggled at first but my bushiest right now 08/27/09
current growth/ top view i think this 1 is retarded. the second set of leaves came out all fucked up. node split by itself and it has a third branch in the middle??? 08/27/09
current growth this is my tallest. look at those branches 08/27/09
current growth lil baby dro. just a week or so old. hope she turns out good 08/27/09
buddin started 12/12 about 11 days ago. got lil white hairs!!! 08/27/09
current growth i gave this bitch a hair cut. trimmed all the leaves. i read that it can help make it more potent 08/27/09

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