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DescriptionSmall personal grow. Reveging a ww from my last grow and one from seed + 1 blue cheese from seed.
# Plants3
Strainswhite widow and Blue Cheese
Lights600watt hps/mh and 8 2 foot t5's
Mediumfoxfarm promix and perilite mix
Yield10oz then 2lb
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PioneerVIII JR Amazing light from floros 08/25/09
600 watt MH 80$ and I'll only use it once to quickly increase growth of my mom(s) and her 1st batch(s) of clones. 08/25/09
Lumatek ballast Has 50% 75% 100% and super lumens settings 08/25/09
Ventilation system Just me messing with PhotoShop 08/25/09
Empty Pots They are what they are. 08/25/09
Suprise! White widow rules...Its been growing under a 250 watt mh but now it's under the pioneer VIII Jr 08/25/09
The Start of something beautiful sorry for the pics but this shit is all but gone....good shit though if thats any consolation ha 08/25/09

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