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DescriptionAcapulco Gold is the traditional name of a legendary, potent strain of cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) originating in Acapulco, Mexico. Like Panama Red, Acapulco Gold became popular in the cannabis-smoking underground during the 1960s and 1970s. Although it is increasingly rare, Acapulco Gold is still grown in more remote areas of its native range. The rise of Cocaine trafficking has brought the general decline of Cannabis culture in Mexico. Due to inbreeding much of the Acapulco Gold that is still grown has lost its potency. Some longtime U.S. growers maintain clones of heirloom plants purported to be Acapulco Gold. Many people saved seeds during the heyday and still today there are old Acapulco Gold seeds sitting in coffee cans in attics. If your lucky u can find 1 like me.
# Plants3
StrainsAcapulco Gold
LightsSun and lo-watt
MediumSoil,Perlite,Custom mixture
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My Gold Next to some oter strain The other plants came from 2 other seeds that tryed and came out Grand! 07/17/08

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