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  Second time (Avg Rating: 7.9 in 22 votes)   Norway
DescriptionThis is my second atempt of growing cannabis indoor.
# Plants64
StrainsNorthernLigth#5XHaze, Superskunk, Aurora Indica, Skunk #1
Lights1x400HPS, 1x400MH
MediumSoil with perlite
YieldDon't know.
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My tiny little motherplant. She was aboute to die when i saw her at a buddy's house. Just had to save her. 03/21/08
My little motherplant. This is 6 days later, under 1x400w HPS/w. Son-T Agro bulb. 03/21/08
My little motherplant. This is another 3 days later and another repoting, but she's looking much better. 03/21/08
Motherplant. So another 2 days has past and she's doing just fine=) 03/21/08
Motherplant. 2 more days has gone, starting to smell=) 03/21/08
Motherplant. Just a moment before chopping her head off... 03/21/08
Motherplant. This is just 11 days after chop off, and I must say I am proud. 03/21/08
Motherplant. Another 10 days of love and care and she responds with enthusiasm=D 03/21/08
Motherplant. 5 days later I had to tie her down, this hurt the both of us, but for the better, you will se. 03/21/08
Motherplant. Just 6 days later and look at that, I mean really look! It's awsome. 03/21/08

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