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the beginning added 03/12/08
here are the seeds after germinating in a paper towel for a week and a half
here are the seeds after germinating in a paper towel for a week and a half

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the beginning here are the seeds after germinating in a paper towel for a week and a half 03/12/08
potted and placed 6 vented solo cups filled with soil, water, and potential! sitting on plastic wrap, surrounded by towel (so it soaks up runoff instead of the carpet, which I can't throw in the wash) 03/12/08
lamp placed i know it's really paltry right now, but it's what i have to make due with. I'll be picking up 3 light fixtures to hang over the plants, so i can run 2 of the 100w 6200k bulbs, and 1 150w warm light. 03/12/08
refelctor I made this reflector out of armature (sculpting) wire and aluminum foil. i know it's ghetto, but it's working efficiently enough for now. today i'm running out to buy some foamboard and mylar so i can really do reflective justice. 03/12/08
finished close up here's the whole thing put together. hopefully it's appearance and location will change drastically within the next few days so i can take better care of it and make my babies healthy 03/12/08
finished! here's a pulled back shot to show more of the final look of my closet. within the next week i plan to have all the necessary materials to have a low-budget but still respectable grow operation in the works. if you see anything that needs to be fixed immediately, and can be done mega-cheap, definitely let me know. thanks! 03/12/08

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