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DescriptionThis is my first grow and I want to do it right. I have four plants understanding that 2 or 3 will be males, but at least one will be female. I will then throw the males out and clone the female. My first and so far only problem has been temp. I have a small fan inside (which already makes too much noise) Money is not an issue but space is and security must be met because I dont want anyone to know. My temp gauge seems to like to stay at 98 degrees with the door shut. I can get it down to high 70s with the door open, but I cant leave it open for security. If anyone has any sugestions I would really like that. Also I have found that if i turn off 2 or three of the lights I can keep the temp around 85 F. with the door shut and the fan on. Also I have found that if i get cups and put Ice in them and put a wrap on top (to keep humity low) this cools the grow area for a couple of hours. I have just finished germination and have planted the four seeds about 2 days ago. So I should see veg growth at the end of the week. Im not sure if this site allows messages but this being my first grow I might need some advice for more experienced growers. thanks for your time. peace.
# Plants4
Lights4x 42 watt cfl eq. 150 wattseach
Mediumorg. soil
Yieldhopeing 4 oz.
First Marijuana Picture

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Grow room1 Grow room with nothing in it 03/10/08
ventilation system It is just a small fan from walmart (about 5 bucks) and a single hole in the back of the grow space. If anyone has any suguestions on ventilation it would help alot. Im thinking about getting two fans one pulling air in and the other blowing it out. 03/10/08
grow space2 grow room with pots and electrical inside. Its a lil blury ill take more of it later. 03/10/08
germination I started with a few seeds in a bag with a wet paper towel. this works the best for germination. 03/10/08
day 4 starting to grow. 03/10/08
day 4 plant #2 Seems to be doing ok. 03/10/08
grow room grow room full 03/10/08

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