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Descriptionwell after many trials and goes
# Plants4
Strainsskunk, porcupine, and Dirhombicosidodecahedrox
LightsHPS, and flouros
Mediumsoil, and stuff
Yielddiscs, bricks, buds
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fatefull occurances well, this is the "fate" of waaaaaaaaay too many of my earlier plants, as u can see the fan leaves are small, and after about 4 weeks these plants just dont seem to be cutting i cut them down :(( many u ask....u dont wanna know....story continued... 09/21/07
3-4 weekers now this is more like it,the fan leaves are getting nice and fat, and the plant just looks healthy, and ready to get nice and big(tall). Back to the story.... not many of my plants made it to these medium pots...mebbe 20 in total, i had such a high failure rate within the first week (story sontinued).... 09/21/07
fistfull of dollars now these 2 plants are why i say 4 weeks...they were about to "scrunch-up" but then I moved to 400 HPS and bingo....(were at 125 earlier)...the failure rate of plants dying within the first week was nearly 90%...verrrry badi planted nearly 50 seedlings to get what u see...and some continued to the 5th week.... 09/21/07
for a few dollars more :) these 2 were planted a little later than the last 2. This Indica tend to have FaT leaves, and usually shows 3, 5, or 7 on the fan leaves(not very numerous), It tends to favor smaller numbers and fatter spans of leaves. 09/21/07
5 weekers well at 4-5 weeks this is what i got...lets say 5, the scratched up one, that is a SKUNK, they can be rare(they are), but it's all indica. the hydro well u see that yellow tinge, u probably know that to be some too much nitrogyn((thats how i found some info to say)), been giving it pure water(fingers crossed),,,well how about the other u ask(((its the skunk[look at leaves])))what risk a rare skunkie for some botany(flick that i say),,,,wondering if skunkers are fems....already seeing hairs(please dont short out :(....the end...cya next time mousketeers 09/28/07
week 6.... so we decided that this is going to be the 6th week.(growth cycle 8 pre-flower 18 hours light/6 dark,,,,and 6 weeks flower 12 light/12 dark)...u might notice that some of the plants are sort of droopy, thats because i tore out the bottom of their containers(bothering the roots,they're gathering down there), and i stacked the plants on that green hydro-foam only did one pure dirt(the middle front), just waaaaaaay too much dirt. I am thinking that from now on it is going to be soil-less medium for me, even though the plants tend to prefer soil(they grow larger usually)....happy trails till next week..... 10/05/07
week 7 (front shot) ...Like the title says, this is my crew at about 7 weeks from the front. 10/12/07
week 7 (top) same buggers, from the top. That bottle is my CO2 system, I've noticed that my plants are responding quite well to this CO2, about twica a day((((for formula, check earlier pix)))), can be a bit pricey, but 1. its effective and 2. its probably cheaper than going high tech ....hoping for more good news with another weeks passage :D peace love and rockets/bones/doobs 10/12/07
week 8 well these are my beauties....8 weeks and ready to show their sex(organs[sex organs] beginning to form. Time to cut back light, gradually at first 2-nite 2 hours to 16/8. Hoping for a nice group of femmes. Many a time I have read that "shocking" the plants will decide the sex ( the plant seems to prefer hermaphroditism, and will god only knows....turn on a dime). This last idea is a problem because if the plant is mostly male 90% or better your best bet is to dry the leaves and pitch the rest. So I am hoping with this gradual withdrawal into a mid/late august will be accomodating to the chromosomes of the plant. 10/18/07
week 10 4 beaut's...I talk to much i spill the beans on the Phun.....peace love and Jo Momma....disc(us) look at neXt 11/01/07

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